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Cloud-based services adoption is increasing every year and more and more businesses embrace the benefits that derive from managing their data and applications in the cloud. In parallel, users access the organization data and applications from a growing number of devices, in different locations, opening the door to new threats. Authentication as-a-Service enables organizations to easily apply strong authentication onto multiple access points.

“Gartner predicts that, by 2017, more than 50% of enterprises will choose cloud-based services as the delivery option for new or refreshed user authentication implementations, up from less than 10% today.” Gartner Magic Quadrant for User Authentication 2012

BlackShield Cloud delivers fully automated, soft-token focused, strong authentication as-a-Service. With no infrastructure required, BlackShield Cloud protects everything, from SaaS, through applications, to networks, and everyone, offering multiple token options.

Strong authentication is made easy with BlackShield Cloud’s fully automated management capabilities and processes and its flexible security policies, token choice and integration API’s.

SafeNet authentication as-a-Service provides strong authentication, keeping your enterprise secure while dramatically reducing Total Cost of Ownership. Encouraging business in the Cloud, SafeNet offers an OPEX model subscription to its fully automated, highly secure, simple and intuitive Authentication as-a-Service solution.

Service Cost Reduction

  • Automate user activation, provisioning, reporting and billing
  • Web-services automation via API’s for authentication user management provisioning and reporting
  • Extensive self service functionality including token requests, pin management and support

Reduced Administration through workflow automation

  • Policy-based provisioning, revocation directly from client LDAP including customisable business rules
  • Scheduled/automatic compliance and usage reports delivered to subscribers
  • Push/Pull enrolment and provisioning

Broad Token Support

  • Multi-platform software token support
  • Blackberry, iPhone and other smart phone applications
  • SMS-based tokensGrID method support
  • Most robust long-lasting physical tokens, including battery replacement for extended life

Integrates Anywhere

  • SAML service provider functionality for federated ID
  • RADIUS for network devices
  • SafeNet agents support other applications and devices

SafeNet's authentication solutions are built to:

  • Protect everything: cloud, apps or network
  • Provide total flexibility and choice by offering the widest range of physical tokens and phone and tokenless alternatives
  • Drastically reduce management time via integration and automation of user and token provisioning, management and reporting

However authentication deployment must cope with some major challenges:

  • The network “perimeter” is no longer controlled by well defined access points: wireless, mobile devices and SaaS have blurred the boundaries of an organisation’s network, begging the question of how and when to authenticate. Authentication solutions must be able to seamlessly protect this new wave of access points, while providing a simple and consistent logon experience to users.
  • Similarly, authentication is no longer about a small set of employees – partners, customers and others all need to be able to securely access an organisation’s data. New, flexible and lower cost authentication methods (“tokens”) are required.
  • Strong authentication has historically been viewed as a cumbersome, non-scalable technology – new authentication platforms must integrate with an organisation’s user directories, automate provisioning, offer self service to users, and essentially drive the ongoing cost of authentication service delivery to zero.

SafeNet’s next generation solutions are dramatically changing the industry by solving these challenges.

Enterprises can either subscribe to BlackShield Cloud – our authentication-as-a-service offering - or deploy the solution in house using BlackShield Server to address these challenges for their Enterprise.

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