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Cloud Identity Management

Central Identity Lifecycle Management for Users’ Multiple Cloud Identities

Multi-factor authentication AND Access Management

See how simple it is to secure cloud apps with SSO

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The cloud presents organizations with numerous identity management challenges, critical to maintaining the confidentiality of data residing in the cloud. IT departments are confounded with challenges such as:

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  • Applying different authentication policies for different cloud apps, based on sensitivity and user role
  • Revoking, updating and issuing cloud credentials from multiple admin consoles
  • Scaling cloud access to 100s and 1000s of users while maintaining access security
  • Ensuring visibility into cloud access events, which is critical to compliance
  • Resetting passwords due to lost or forgotten cloud credentials

SafeNet Trusted Access – Cloud Identity Management Service

SafeNet Trusted Access offers effective cloud identity management through:

  • Centralized cloud identity management – IT configure and enforce access polices for all cloud apps from one easy-to-navigate console
  • Cloud single sign-on (Cloud SSO) – Organizations maintain a single identity per user for all cloud apps, ridding IT of password resets
  • Visibility in cloud access events – Know which user accessed which app and when, and how their identity was verified
  • Granular access policies – Customize policies and user access controls per application, taking into account app sensitivity, user role and other variables
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Take a look at how continuous authentication is enhancing cloud access management.

SafeNet Trusted Access: Cloud-based Access Management - Product Brief

SafeNet Trusted Access access management service combines the convenience of single sign-on with granular access security, allowing organizations to simplify and protect access to all the...

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