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OSC: Authentication with Gemalto SafeNet Solutions

About OSC

OSC (Open System Consultants) offers a suite of source code software for secure network access and management. Our software is used by internet and access service providers (ISPs and ASPs), national telecommunications carriers, academic institutions and corporations in 180 countries around the world. OCS products are vendor neutral, providing extreme extensibility, flexibility and portability across all standard operating systems and inter-operating with a wide range of hardware devices and software applications.


OSC integrates with SafeNet Authentication Service to provide users with IAM solutions.

OSC: Authentication with Gemalto SafeNet Solutions

2700 Zanker Road, Suite 200
San Jose, California 95134
United States
North America
Main Phone: (408) 372-9600

Integrated Application(s):

    Radiator RADIUS server: IAM with SafeNet Authentication Service

    Radiator is a highly configurable and extensible RADIUS server. It allows you to easily customize and control how you authenticate users and record accounting information.

    SafeNet Authentication Service (SAS) offers fully automated authentication delivered from the cloud to raise the assurance level that a user is who they claim to be, ensuring secure access to critical applications and data, with OTP-based strong authentication, whether using a hardware key fob, mobile device, or grid-based authenticator.

    Resource and Additional Information

    SAS Using RADIUS Protocol for Radiator RADIUS Server

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